11 July 2008

Style Profile - Glorianna Schinagl

A little piece I did for the Denver Examiner. Thanks Gigi!

Occupation/What pays the bills? I’ll be attending the business school at CU Denver in the Fall for my degree in marketing, but I currently work part time at Diesel, and I’ve been doing some visual merchandising, help with buying, and retail work for the boutique Red Door Swingin’ in the LoHi neighborhood. I wrote some fashion pieces for www.thisweekindenver.com, and would love to explore something like that again. I’d fancy a little dabbling with wardrobe styling, and I will have a career in branding with an awesome agency someday.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say, feminine with funk. I love heels, heels, heels, and it’s hard to hide my curves so I usually roll with it, wearing figure flattering pieces. I love adding kitschy accessories like little, gold saw earrings with a black suit. Once I wore a vintage concert tee with a vintage, cropped jacket and a turquoise, old lady style box hat to the club.

Style Icons? Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Edie Sedgewick, Scarlet Johansen, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Zoe, Patricia Field.

Favorite designers? Oy vey! If only I could afford! BALENCIAGA is my fave!!!! Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, Biba, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Prada, Corey Lynn Calter, Thakoon and Dries Van Noten!

Current favorite trend? Not much for trends, but I guess I’d say Head Scarves and Gladiator sandals.

Personal style quirk? Off kilter accessories like laser cut, gold acetate ice cream cone earrings I bought in SF at the SFMOMA. Or a little, round, vintage fluorescent orange, peach pin. I love layering thin long sleeved shirts and tees with little jackets in winter versus the sweater thing.

I feel most confident wearing... Dresses that are tight fitting up top, with a fuller skirt, veryCharlotte from SATC. Or, tight jeans and an awesome top.

I would never be caught wearing... Anything with a high waist combined with pleats! I have a large derrière and this just accentuates that in the worst way. Wedges with Capri pants. I have thicker ankles and this is very unflattering as well.

Best fashion advice? (either received or to give) My mother has always told me that you don’t have to be so “match-y, match-y.” You can wear several shades of the same color, maybe even in different patterns, in the right way and it can complement the outfit as a whole. I was watching Jay Leno the other night and he was doing his street interviews and there was an adorable blonde with a cute fuchsia sun dress, but she carried a huge handbag in the exact same color and it was overkill. She would have been stunning if she carried say a canary yellow carry all instead.

I splurge on... Denim, and sunglasses. Diesel and Oliver Peoples girl.

Next must have purchase? A great pair of ankle booties for Fall, and I’m dreaming of a pair of black, knee high, wedge boots from Louis Vuitton. A Rebecca Minkoff handbag!!!

Tech obsession? I don’t own an i-pod or digital camera, and a very savvy business friend just gave me a Blackberry to get organized which has a camera phone on it, that I can barely use. So, I’d say, Facebook and texting.

What do you typically purchase at the Newsstand? I have subscriptions to W and HOW, but I’ll pick up an occasional Vogue, Elle, Oyster, Pop, or ID, or other inspirational issue of a fashion magazine, and Communication Arts quarterly.

Favorite beauty/skincare products? Eeek… I’m pretty lo-ma….I love Dove soap and Eucerine face lotion. I LOVE this perfect shade of lip gloss my boyfriend bought me! It’s from the Drug store, Wet n’ wild, and it’s the perfect nude, bronzie color! When my finances perk up, Kerstase hair products would be a blessing, as well as Yves St. Laurent mascara, which I love!

Most treasured item in your closet? A Gucci purse I splurged on.

Local Tailor/Stylist? I never have things altered. I have long legs fortunately so I never need hemming on pants. I never buy things that don’t fit properly to begin with. I’m my own stylist, but I would say that locally, I do look up to Vanessa Barcus of www.shopgoldyn.com.

Favorite places to shop? Thrift stores, Square One, Diesel, Neiman’s, Garbarini, www.shopgoldyn.com, Common Era, Nordstrom Rack, and vintage stores.

Favorite local hangout/coffeeshop? St. Mark’s on 17th and Race or Barnes and Noble on Colorado Blvd. Tattered Cover downtown, if you can find parking, and Ink Coffee in Riverfront.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant? Sushi Den in Wash Park, Shish Kabob Grill in Capital Hill, and Sabor Latino in Highlands.

*Update: Glorianna's 2010 Style Profile

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