10 September 2010

Style Profile...Sutton Schuler

Sutton Schuler

I recently became the creative director and manager of an e-commerce site for a local NYC boutique. I also own “found by Sutton”, a simple pop-up shop loaded with vintage jewelry finds and other random treasures.

You recently moved to New York City. How would you compare the Denver fashion scene to New York’s; the good, the bad, the ugly?
Moving to NYC equaled the total liberation of my closet, allowing me to truly wear whatever, wherever. Although Denver’s style isn’t archaic it can often look bland as it is styled for practicality’s sake, snow in the morning and 70 degrees by 3pm. And when you add in the relaxed Colorado attitude the result is one that was quite different from my personal style. But in NYC really anything goes, a place where women, and men will walk for miles in 5” heels.

Myself being artistically challenged, I always turned to clothing for my medium of choice, and therefore I respect and enjoy a unique look. Some city dwellers choices are slightly bizarre, but my biggest gripe is that many New Yorkers are so desperate to be “different” they end up all looking the same. Depending on the neighborhood you will soon notice a uniform, whether it is Williamsburg’s hipster flare, or the Lower East Side where everyone is in slouchy shades of olive, nude, and black, they are all the same, stylish none the less.

In the end, New York is a judgment free area where you are allowed to wear the ensembles you love out of the editorials, where Colorado requires you to take into account the fact that everyone else will be in jeans & a flannel. I dress the same now as I did back home, but with a fewer weird looks!

It seems like everyone has a fashion blog these days. Why did you start bySutton.net? What is it about bySutton that sets you apart from the others?
Everyone! At times I wonder why am I doing this, especially when everywhere I turn in my neighborhood of Williamsburg it seems that there is a girl or boy posing for a personal style shot. But at the end of the day my true heart revolves around clothes, style, design, and cooking, so naturally bySutton became the picture book that accompanies my life. It started a year ago as a way to fill a creative void I had noticed in my life. The result was a site that was updated daily with fresh looks, recipes, and design ideas. Yes, there are lots of sites that have similar content, and I love them, but I like to think that bySutton is attainable and approachable.

How would you describe your personal style?
I ask myself this question everyday! I think my style is a modern take on the classics. I hate looking back and wondering why I wore that, and as long as I keep the lines flattering and timeless the result is generally successful. However, I am continually drawn to Navajo inspired jewelry, classic aviator sunglasses, fur hats, equestrian boots, fresh skin with simply lined eyes, olive green, and navy!

“I never break this fashion rule...”
Wearing the wrong undergarment. Other than that I think anything can go, within reason.

“I feel best wearing...”
Currently I am loving my olive green skinny cargo jeans from Current/Elliott when paired with a Nickolas K tuxedo shirt, and long black vest. And lots of sparkles, vintage or handmade of course.

What fashion magazines/blogs do you love?
Reading actual printed publications has forever been an exciting experience, and one that I hope will always be a luxury, even though I am on the side of digital media. I am a faithful reader of Vogue (girl crush on Anna Wintour, I moved all of my back logs from CO), Wallpaper Magazine, NY Times (read three newspapers a day), USA Today, and the Telluride Daily Planet. As far as online sources I simply cant get enough of Luxirare, Atlantis Home, Garance Dore, Karlas Closet, P.S. – I made this…, What I Wore, Jak & Jil, White Lightning, and The Glamourai.

Most treasured item in your closet?
A vintage fur cape from Lloyd’s Furs in Denver, it was my great grandmothers and it still has her initials embroidered on the inside. Beyond that I am most attached to a vintage Navajo cuff inherited from my grandfather along with the gold charm bracelet I received from my grandmother. There is something really special about these pieces, and I feel my loved ones energy every time I wear them… so I generally never go without one of them!

Style icons? Favorite Designers? My style is strongly influenced by the street captures of Scott Schuman, and I find myself continually going to his site when in a what to wear crisis. Other style crushes include Carey Mulligan, Michelle Lamy, Anne Boleyn, Kate Hudson, Anna dello Russo, and Tilda Swinton.

As far as designers, oh boy. I would say that I have more Annelore pieces than any other designer, right behind Missoni, but Julianna Cho of Annalore is a favorite of mine, and a best kept secret! Other drool worthy labels would have to be Celine, Balenciaga, Miuccia Prada, Elizabeth & James, Proenza Schouler, and Ann Demeulemeester.

Most stylish films/movies?
I could go on forever, but these have directly changed how I look at fashion: Annie Hall, Almost Famous, Bonnie & Clyde, A Single Man, Clueless, and Blow.

Favorite place to search for inspiration?
I find inspiration everywhere ~ Im always looking around, taking mental pictures (semi-photography memory helps) of landscapes, bizarre uniformity that takes place in a random world, and design books.  I have been known to spend hours in a book shop, and I am the only 20-something I know with an active library card.  Checking out oversized art and history books are my favorite!!

How do you spend your weekends?
Since moving to NYC my weekends are devoted to exploring. It is easy to find some favorites, but when living in a city like this I want to find all the hidden gems. Trying new restaurants, shopping in new areas, and searching the fleas.

Best fashion advice (either to give or received)?
I always tell people to only wear outfits that they feel beautiful and confident in. Whether that happens to be jeans and a tee, or a ball gown, as long as the fit is flattering and you cant help but smile you will be golden!

What are you wearing?
I am wearing a Marc Jacobs slouch tee with silk side paneling, Current/Elliott cargo jeans, concho belt from Brighton (stolen from my mom), Chanel shoes, Hayden Harnett bag out of Brooklyn, vintage Navajo cuff from my grandfather!!


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