15 March 2010

Style Profile...Brigid O'Brien Moore

Name: Brigid O’Brien Moore

Profession: 303 Magazine – Fashion Stylist and Production Assistant. Owner – Totem Pole PR – digital media promotion for music. I promote new indie and underground music to outlets like blogs and online magazines. Costume Party – I am the host of this lovely little blog dedicated to the fashion, music and art that inspires me. Boss Vintage – Fine, fine vintage in Denver. South Broadway ya’ll. Bang! - Delicious restaurant in the Highlands.

How did you get your start? I’ve been very obsessed with fashion and style since I was a little kid, but until a couple years ago, I was sort of ashamed that I didn’t want to be a scientist or do something that would win a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve found that ultimately, we will make the biggest difference in the world if we all do something that we love and have a passion for. Fashion is an art form and an expression and I’ve learned to put my heart into it. I love to sing (my parents and family are musicians) and I love to sew, so doing something expressive is natural. A few years ago, I worked on a film as a wardrobe assistant and that job led to other wardrobe gigs. I started as a production assistant with 303 Magazine when I moved back to Denver after living in San Francisco, and that has led to small fashion jobs. I am a true believer that you have to make things happen for yourself. If I have to be an entrepreneur or start something on my own, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m always looking towards the future.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have a signature look? A pioneer woman from the 1970’s at a music festival = dresses, layers and mismatched accessories. Simple living.

What fashion magazines/blogs do you love? What inspires you? Street style blogs like Street Smart, The Sartorialist and Facehunter are where I get my best and most valuable inspiration.

Some of my other favorite magazines are Lula, W, Z!nk, Nylon, Vogue, The New Yorker and The New York Times T: Style Magazine. Online, I follow Garance Dore, The Vintage Society, Orchid Grey, Calivintage, The Selby, Oh! You Pretty Things and, of course, the-intersection. I also follow interior design blogs like Apartment Therapy, House of Turquoise and Design Sponge.

Music inspires me a lot. Lately, I’ve been listening to the new Joanna Newsom album Have One On Me, the new Massive Attack called Heligoland, Fever Ray, old Gang Starr, Otis Redding, The Beach Boys, Animal Collective, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ali Farka Toure, Neko Case and tons of (older) Hot Chip.

Where are your favorite places to shop? I rarely shop because my financial situation is eternally screwed, but when I do, I sometimes like to trade stuff at Buffalo Exchange and I like to shop for vintage at Boss and Regal in Denver and Painted Bird in San Francisco. I like to hunt at Goodwill and ARC (hint: the best finds are in the suburbs = less picked over) and I’m an expert sales digger at regular stores. I also like looking at online shops like Nasty Gal, Papercup Clothing, Stephie Says and random Etsy boutiques. But, if I had an extra 200 bucks to spend, I’d buy new shoes at Strut on 32nd.

What are your current obsessions? Lover dresses. See by Chloe. Rodarte. I want some stacked platform sandals for Spring, new J Brands, lots of vintage sundresses, stripes, caftans, Minnetonka ankle moccasins and grey layers. My favorite decade is the 1970’s, so I’m perpetually on the hunt for (almost) anything from then. Fall collections at this year’s Fashion Weeks have been pretty amazing and I was truly impressed with Madewell by Alexa Chung, RVCA by Erin Wasson, Celine, Alexander McQueen’s final collection, Rebecca Taylor and Mulberry.

Best fashion advice (either to give or received)? It’s all about how you wear it. Being yourself and being comfortable is the most important thing. It’s so very obvious when that’s not the case. One day I’ll feel one way, and then another day I’ll feel like another, so clothes and fashion act as a palette for my emotions, my thoughts and my attitude.

What’s next for you? My man and I are heading to Europe for five weeks this Spring, then I’m moving back to the Bay Area afterwards. I grew up in Denver, and I’ve enjoyed living here again for the past year, but there’s just something about California that brings out the great things in me. I love the beach and the redwoods. My blog will continue and I’ll keep doing fashion-related things, hopefully continue to style photo shoots and shows for whoever wants me (hint, hint, California people…) I like to do window displays and I suddenly have a strong interest in set design, so who knows, maybe I’ll get into that soon. It’s all relevant.


Jennie said...

I use to have that belt! Wish I didn't give it away:(

Anonymous said...

Great feature. I'm excited to learn about other style bloggers in Colorado!

Anonymous said...

i wish you talked about what she's wearing in the photo!!