23 June 2009

Style Profile...Brandi Shigley

i met up with Brandi Shigley of Fashion Denver at the Fashion Denver showroom last week [located at 11th & Delaware, stop by M-F 10am-7pm].

We discussed a bit of fashion, revealed the contents of our purses [an obsession we both share] and i introduced her to the beauty of an iced coffee on a hot almost-summer day. She was kind enough to take part in a little photo session and answer our favorite Style Profile Q&A. Thanks Brandi

Occupation/What pays the bills?
Producer, organizer, teacher (with my Do What You Love, Love What You Do workshop), consulting.

How would you describe your personal style?
Quirky, fun, practical (I always wear shorts under my dresses and skirts).  A mix of thrifting, local designers, and fancy sneakers.

Style Icons?
Cindy Lauper, Audrey Hepburn, Parker Posey in Party Girl

Favorite designers?
All of our Denver designers! I think we have so much talent in Denver.

What inspires you?
My job. I love being surrounded by fabric, color, designs, and amazing people. Also, music and the ability to make music is inspiring!

Current favorite trend?
Old school  Reebok high tops with the velcro.

Personal style quirk?
I always wear my swimsuit under my outfits (in the summer), my socks never match and I wear 2 different earrings almost every day.

I feel most confident wearing...
Mini skirts,kickball shorts, and comfy cute dresses with pockets, rollerskates and tutus.

I would never be caught wearing...
Pajama bottoms, khakis, button up oxfords...

Best fashion advice? (either received or to give)
Wear what makes you feel good and accentuate the parts of you that you love! create your own personal trends and don't care what other people think of you. Be confident in who you are : )

Dress to impress, who?
myself. Is that selfish? I don't care what other people think of how I dress. My style is me and I like me : )

I splurge on...
Sneakers.. my last sneaker splurge was on a pair of World Addidas high tops with vintage denim and red asian silk. 1 of 700 pair in the galaxy.

Next must have purchase?
Whatever pops off the rack into my basket at one of my local ARC thriftstore locations.

Tech obsession?
My iPod, flip camera, and T-Mobile Shadow

What do you typically purchase at the Newsstand?
French magazines, XLR8TR

Favorite cologne/skincare products?
GLO cheek stain and lipgloss from Wallgreens

Most treasured item in your closet?
My leather bshigley belt that a 92 year old man made for me

Local Tailor/Stylist?
Too many to list.

Favorite place(s) to shop?
ARC, my freezone in the basement, Buffalo Exchange and Fashion Denver

Favorite local hangout/coffeeshop?
Pablo's Coffee, Metropolis Coffee, Sputnik, and City O' City.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Favorite summer cocktail?
Vodka soda with 3 limes

Next/dream vacation spot?
The bottom of the sea or the moon. Upcoming trips: Kansas City, Richmond Texas, NYC, ...

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