22 August 2008

Style Profile - Nigel Penhale

Introducing the illustrious Nigel Penhale...

Occupation/What pays the bills? Crafting communication with colors, graphics, icons, type, emotion, random objects, pictures, film, and anything else needed for the message to be delivered.

How would you describe your personal style? Eclectic. Thrifster-hop with sartorialist-sensibilities. Nonsense with bright color affinities. Thrift-store glam with designer label fantasies.

Style Icons? Andre Benjamin, The Sartorialist, Pharrell, James Dean, Gary Cooper, The Rat Pack

Favorite designers/Brands? Kihachiro Onitsuka, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Bill Blass, Creative Recreation, Imaginary Foundation, FreshJive, Rebel 8, Thom Browne, The Hundreds, Stussy.

Current favorite trend? Shoes.

Personal style quirk? Colors.

The one fashion rule I follow... Rules can bend to aesthetics just as much as aesthetics bend to rules.

I feel most confident wearing... Any outfit I put together that has one element I think people of differing tastes will appreciate. Ultimately, we all fall under some umbrella of style, and I like to keep things interesting by being versatile and outrageous dangerous.

I would never be caught wearing... Ed Hardy.

Most overrated menswear item? This is a tie between Ed Hardy and white belts. Oh, and women’s sunglasses, which, judging from the amount oversized spectacle-steez seen around the Denver Patio & Nightclub scene, are being placed in the men’s sunglasses section, where they are being purchased straightaway by men who’ve come to realize that you can’t drive your M3 at night without that UV protection.

Most underrated menswear item? Headbands.

Most treasured item in your closet? My vintage pink tie. It, like a Klondike ice cream bar, is pretty much irresistible

Best fashion advice? (either received or to give) Dress to your strengths.

I splurge on... Accessories. Shoes, watches, wallets, rings, and my snowboard gear.

Next must have purchase for Fall? A good jacket.

Tech obsession? Zach Morris’ cell-phone.

What do you typically purchase at the Newsstand? Create, Vapors, GQ, Dwell, Details, Juxtapoz, ESPN, Snowboarder, Transworld Snowboarding, Time, Entertainment Weekly.

Favorite cologne/skincare products? Chrome, Burberry Summer.

Favorite fashion-inspiration film? Wes Anderson films have the quirkiest characters and they wear the clothes to match them.

Local Tailor/Stylist? Still looking, recommendations please.

Favorite place(s) to shop? I love to shop online. 80spurple.com and digitalgravel.com are some of my favorites.

Favorite local hangout/coffeeshop? Where my friends are. My favorite shuffleboard table is at The Squire Lounge, my favorite bowling alley is Elitch Lanes. Sputnik, Wazee Supper Club are places I like to drink, as well as Meadowlark. The best place to watch sports is at Brandon’s Pub, they have the most/best TVs without the Brodo-ism.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant? Table Six is ridiculous. GB Fish & Chips have the best Fish & Chips in Denver. Liks has good ice cream. D Bar has dessert like you can’t believe. Barolo Grill, Mizuna, and Solera are always good as well.

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