21 March 2008

Planet Lab...Cherry Creek


styleandthecity.com - Street style & romance in Paris said...

hi street style friend

i am glad to tell you that after 201 street style photo romances in Paris, i've been proposed to create a press magazine about street styles from the world.
50 000 copies in Paris, then...

Now, I have to create a network of passionated blogs for the content

If you like my concept of photo romances, I'll be glad to exchange links for helping me (collaborating ?) to show that fashion comes from street

clic the english flag to read some photo romances in english

Thank you for your collaboration

best regards

street style romancer in Paris

Esteban_Teby said...

hi guys of The Intersection u have a amazing blog, hey! please add this new blog of Santiago de Chile Street Style, ill add u too! hope that u like it...hugs from chile




Stitch Society said...

This is awesome! love the cameraa!